Thursday, November 12, 2009

Halloween Fun

Halloween is always so much fun in our extended neighborhood because they go "all-out". People literally drive up from RI to park at The Birdlanes (a large neighborhood with street names after birds) . The candy goes quickly and the houses are spooktackular! We typically have a good group too which makes it that much more fun. The festivities started a week earlier this year at Uncle Stevie's work at Taunton Nursing Home and the whole crew dressed up! Kyle was rocking the alligator/crocodile/dragon costume this night and turned to a Devil the night of Halloween.
Halloween day we gathered for a nice backyard pumpkin carving session that went awry and winded up being a pumpkin guts fight! Matt innocently tossed a couple pumkin seeds and Mammy took full revenge for years of torture declaring all out war! She WON! Matt was drenched with guts from head to toe and Kyle joined in the fun too. Notice how I stay out of the mess, behind the camera my friends.

Sara and her little sister Caring came down, Kallie joined us and Marie and Trin came too! Poor loco has a boo boo (what else is new) so she couldn't partake in the pulling of the wagon this year and had to sit it out.

One of the funniest parts of the night was when the whole group was gathered outside of Trinity's friends house talking and getting ready to move on to the next candy station and out of nowhere comes a giant Gorilla running in and scooping Trinity up into its arms and taking off! She's screaming and kicking and Kyle all but runs straight home. All the while I'm whispering into its ear that the little boy in the stroller is scared of Gorilla's trying to get him to give Ky an extra scare but he didn't bite....the reason why was because it was UNCLE EDDY in the costume! Surprise! I had no idea, but some others were tipped off. It was great and he wore it the rest of the night, while Kyle chose to stay safely away from Uncle for the night.

We packed it in about 9:30 and headed home with giant bags of junk. And I'm still throwing it away little by little without it being detected :)

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