Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial Day

The salt water boat just didn't have the juice to take us to sea yesterday, so we opted for the fresh water boat (that I actually prefer because it's relaxing and I could read a little). Kyle was cranky Maggee when we told him we were leaving because his favorite people in the universe we playing in the yard and he can't bare to leave them; KK, Kallie & Dylan. We eventually convinced him that hanging with his parents for the day could possibly be a good time. With his 1 bandaged finger in the air (scissors accident from the AM) and tears in his eyes he hopped into the truck and pouted all the way to the Lake. We get to the lake and the boat ramp looked like a fiesta. Matt had told me stories about the foolish people who think it's a good idea to have a cookout on the boat ramp and I assumed there were a couple of people roaming around the area.....NOPE, there were (and I'm not exaggerating) 10-15 families with MANY children all set up around the ramp....little kids running in and out of the water directly in front of the trucks loading boats into and out of the water. They had beach chairs 9 inches from the trucks and people had grills going, music bumping on top of the trailers/trucks parked in the lot. You seriously couldn't find a safer place for you kids to play and have a cookout? It was like we were on display loading the boat. It'll take a while for me to figure out the logic there. Anyway, we had a great day on the water. Kyle got comfy on the boat rather quickly, caught some fish, did some swimming and even pooped over the side of the boat! Hey, potty training waits for no bathroom :) The day continued to be great when we got home to the kids in the yard and Erin & Eddy hosting a volleyball/bad mitten game! Matt cooked on the grill and Kyle and I had a beautiful walk late night listening to the sounds of the coming summer! Pics to follow, left the camera in Matt's truck :)It's safe to wear white pants and shoes too, right?

Thanks to all the men & woman who have allowed this day to be....

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Suzanne said...

Hi - too funny, when we lived in Woosta, there was a good sized lake and boat ramp and everyone used to BBQ there too and I used to think I would be reading about a kid getting hit by a jetski in the news the next day - weird!! I love that we are already uncool as parents - Evan doesn't want me around either! And pooping over the side of the boat?? Hysterical!! Congrats on the toilet training!