Monday, June 1, 2009

Sunday - Fun Day

I just came up with that, pretty cool huh? that was the Bangles that coined that phrase "I wish it were Sunday....cuz that's my fun day" Anywho, Roger Williams zoo was the destination and's overrated! I've been to a couple of zoo's, as you know, and this one is all kinds of commercialized. They don't even have a lion, I mean come on, no lion?! And, they once had a polar bear and still advertise with it...but guess what? NO polar bear. It was a great day none the less because we were together, but next time we want to hang with some creatures of the wild we'll be spending $6 a person at Capron Park and savings lots of money not having to avoid every corner where they are selling crap. The butterfly exhibit was 1/2 as interesting as the one at Franklin park and they didn't even have blue morpho's, we know because Kyle asked the fella working the exhibit. It was beautiful day with the sun shining and we continued to enjoy ourselves once we arrived at home. The cousins were home next door, KK, Kallie and Dylan and Kyle can't get enough of them these days. We played outside and had a cookout under the garage during a rainshower. When the sun shown through after a 1/2 hour or so we got to see the most beautiful rainbow I've seen in years! There were two, one on top of the other and it was a complete 1/2 moon stretching from one side of the sky to the next. I'd bet there was a pot of gold at the end too! After enjoying the rainbow, we enjoyed the rain puddles. I took the kids over to the school and let them go wild in the puddles. It was so much fun, I felt like a kid again. Certainly was a fun day, "I don't hafta runday....just another manic Monday"

"ROY G BIV" anyone?

"KK, Kallie, Dylan and Kyle circa 2009 reliving the memories of Matt, Erin, Benny, Leo, Stevie and Kristie circa 1985 in the same 2 yards raisin' hell"

"so beautiful"

"we don't mess around, I say we don't mess around"

we found and jumped in every single puddle at the school across the street


"oh yeah, did I forget to mention the 2 exhibits that we didn't plan on at the zoo...where's waldo?"

"Momma and baby Kenya"

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Heather said...

I agree. We've been to the RW Zoo and will not go back! Great pictures!