Wednesday, May 20, 2009

5 weeks since my last post?

Where the hell have I been? Not far, but can't figure out why I haven't had SOMETHING important to talk about in 5 weeks? Let's see....maybe I'll bullet point some stuff and go from there....
  • trip to the Barr's

  • baby Jocelyn May Healy born!

  • pet squirrel

  • potty trained Kyle

  • Mother's Day in Boston to see Spring Awakening

  • nonstop coughing, sneezing

  • planting flowers & veggies

  • training for a 5k (and then hurting my knee)

  • trip (or 2) to the zoo ( I know, shocker!)

  • trip to FLA with Auntie Sara

Ok, I can work with this list!

Matt had a great idea, let's get Kyle a pet hampster. I did not feel it was a great idea. All I could see was more work for me. He'd love to play with it and squeeze it and chase it around the house and then I'd be stuck with the dirty work and let's face it, I don't like to clean up after the dog and cats we have now. Matt found it a great opportunity bring home a different kind of pet when a 10 year old girl called batguys to report she found a baby squirrel who had fallen from the nest. I almost strangle him when he came through the door with a cage and a rodent for a pet for Kyle. And then I bottle fed the little tiny thing and fell in love. Of course, he knew that would have gotten me! Fast forward to yesterday when the thing got out of the cage and even Matt and his employee Josh couldn't catch it! It had been very friendly and fun and after the chase it got spooked and starting acting mean. Matt and I sat Kyle down last night and explained that his Mommy & Daddy called and they miss him and would like us to let him go into the woods to be with them. Kyle protested a bit announcing "but he's my pet bubby" Then he realized how much he'd miss his mommy and daddy and agreed. "Bye bye bubby!"

Kyle is potty trained! Just like I thought it would be wwIII getting rid of the deet, I dreaded potty training. Kyle has no interest and then I let him go naked around the house and he gets to pick a pee pee tree outside. The pee pee tree did the trick! Boys love to pee outside! It's amazing how smoothly its gone. He does "pee pee in the potty" (in singsong and you all know it) and hasn't had many accidents. We braved trips to stores and everything and he's great with telling me if he has to go. Sometimes he "has to pee soooo bad" which cracks me up. A month ago he fought me tooth and nail telling me "I don't want to be a big boy" about it and now he's doing great. The aim we are working on, but who am I to complain!

Erin, Kara, Kyle and I took a kayaking trip on The Taunton River that we still plan to write a children's book about. Our greatest marketable idea's always seem to come from a kayak! We saw a seal within moments of our departure and tons of wildlife along the trip. Cows, a giant snapping turtle, a huge bull, many birds including crazy psycho nesting geese. We were chased out of an area by a wild and angry mamma goose. I mean her feathers were ruffled and she was pissed. Kara nearly crapped her pants and if Matt hadn't been calling my phone at that exact moment I would have had video of the event for sure. Needless to say we were forced to respect her nesting area and took another route. We were on the water for 3 hours and Kyle really enjoyed it and was well behaved. We ended the day in the backyard with all the kids, freeze pops and some bad mitten.

Visit to the Barr's for Easter weekend and Nana Cill joined us! Found the coolest Barnyard playground ever, actually there was only 1 main attraction for all of us. The bull riding chairs! These things rocked and defined gravity in a strange way too. We all had a turn. Great time at the playground and we got to spend time with Nana G for her birthday. Sweetest woman I've ever met, Laura's technical nana, but she loves me too! (lol) It was a great visit and we had a ton of laughs! LOVE those kids!

Kyle and I took the 1st nice day of the year and hit Scusset beach! I thought we might have been crazy going in long pants and sweatshirts to play in the sand, but we were not alone. There were a lot of people there. And Ky tried out his moves on some older girls.....they worked! They were eating him up and he helped them build a sandcastle.

Kyle experienced the mall carnival (if you could even call it a carnival because the food sucked) but there were def carny's so gotta give 'em that! He loved the Ferris wheel , wasn't even a little bit nervous on it. He rode the train all by himself and won a "marvelous" pink crayon from the strongman game. We loaded him up on cotton candy, fried dough and soda and called it a day. East Taunton fiesta is SOOOooooooo much better!

Mother's Day! SO MUCH FUN! It's been so long since the 4 of us spent a day together that I literally can't remember when or where it might have been. Mom, Laura, Kell and I hit the Colonial theatre in Boston for a show; Spring Awakening! The show was incredible and I've got a new musical playlist running through my brain these days (thanks Lau!). "We laughed, we cried, we blah blah blah" We really did though and we grabbed some dinner after. Couldn't have been a better day.
*please note my beautiful pink scarf, courtesy of Kyle James! He insisted on getting me a pink scarf and a peanut butter & jelly sandwich. I got 2 scarves and a delicious sandwich :)

Kyle has allergies, I can't help but feel responsible because the Dr. said it is genetics. I suffered with asthma and allergies my whole life and now my little bubba has it. He's literally been coughing for 4 months. I really wish that I was exaggerating, but I'm not. It went from the dry winter cough with 2 humidifiers running in his room to the post nasal drip hacking cough all night long. Of course this doesn't help the sleeping situation, nor does it help him being prone to puking because the coughing fits often end in "Mamma I gotta puke". Claritin for my little bugger, hope it helps!

I love working in the garden. (I'll post some pics later because I foolishly took a whole bunch of pics and realized my memory card was still hooked up to the computer, not in the camera and today its raining) This will be our 5th summer in this house and my gardens are starting to look like I intended. My mother always loved to garden and work in the yard and I've inherited that trait. In fact, Mom helped me plant the vegetable garden this year. My proudest moment of the gardening season will be when we pick the 1st of the corn that I've grown from seed! I've never been able to start the plants in the house and successfully transplant them to the ground. This year has been a successful one so far and we have corn, squash, green beans (Kyle's already had the 1st bean) cucumbers, green peppers, tomatoes started indoors from seed and transplanted to the garden. Having Erin help in the yard this year is so great too! She's planted some tomatoes, kale, peppers and a ton of sunflowers that are all taking off! The flowers are all coming along beautifully as well. I love seeing the perennials coming up and bursting to life as the spring turns to summer. Erin, mammy and I are trying to revive a long been abandoned garden on her side this year. We've run into A LOT of poison ivy, thank goodness neither of us are really allergic. But, that is a work in progress and I'll report in a couple of years when we have it under control. Have I mentioned how WONDERFUL it is having Erin & Eddy living next door? Well, it is.

I will be running/jogging/dragging my ass on a 5K on June 6th. Its my second run but my 1st was about 5 years ago and I vowed to train for this one. Which I was doing and doing well. Then, the chins splints arrived and I pushed through it and the knee went out which I've never has happen and just as the knee healed this week I headed back to the gym but while putting Ky into the car, I pulled my back. Yup, I'm falling apart. Regardless, I'm still doing the 5k on June 6th. Matt promised to carry me with a broken leg across the finish line if that's what it takes to complete it, so get ready for some back breaking work my darlin'! Aside from all the ailments, I think I'll do well because I may not be training to run, but I have been keeping strong. Its a personal wish me luck.

Trip to FLA with Auntie Sara was a BLAST. The flight was just me & Ky and he was excellent. Even the turbulence had him laughing like we were on a roller coaster, of course the woman in front of us with her head between her knees wasn't a fan of the "woo hooo's" coming from our seats. We landed and were greeted by Mo & Sara and some MUCH needed sun. In 4 days time we managed to swim, beach, playground, sox spring training, water park, bike ride, beach again, relax, LAUGH and catch some ray's. Kyle did excellent swimming and was VERY well behaved the entire trip.

We visited Capron Park Zoo 3 times in the course of 2 weeks because they had a lion cub that I wanted to steal and bring home with us. Taja; the most adorable little lion and I really bonded through a 4 inch sheet of glass. He loved me, he really did! If I had been 2 weeks earlier I could have sat in a circle with him and played and rolled around with him. Literally one of my dreams, I would LOVE to do that! And then take him home and have him sleep in my bed. Friggin' love lions. We went back with Trinity & Marie while Trin was on vacation and had a great day!

***Sidenote - I have developed a very unhealthy obsession with the Twilight saga and all things Edward***

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