Tuesday, March 17, 2009


....my last post totally sucked! It was late, I was tired (as I mentioned 500 times). Anyway, Dad is doing much better and my emotions have regained consciousness! Although after 5 nights in the Hospital the poor man came home with a stomach bug! Aye Aye Aye! Spring is starting to peek out around here; more sun in my life means a happier me! And you know what they say " When Mom's happy, we're all happy" ha ha ha I have jumped the gun with planting this year again, as I do every year...but this year I made the smart move of planting INDOORS! I will post some pics later and continue to show the success of the window plants. Veggies are in the office window (the cats do not approve to being kicked out of their sunny spot) and already been replanted into larger pots due to their success and some pots with flower seeds are sunning themselves in the upstairs bedrooms. I am determined to have a garden from seed this year and I'm off to a pretty good start! Kyle has a hand in the project too and helped planting some last week and re-pot them last night. Although about 3 plants deep he finds himself bored and announces "I quit" ! I actually don't know where he gets that...not like some of his other sayings that we can take credit for; "well, would you look at that" or "For crying out loud, Kara" or "giggetty gigetty" (yes all you Family Guy fans you read that correctly and yes I know I'm going to hell for it)

In other news, Matt is back to work full-time! Meaning, he is out of the office, up on the roofs, driving 200 miles a day and as some of you might remember he was cramping my style at home come the end of winter......the truth is...I miss him :) Chris - if I get the guts to come to Miami you can slap me for that!

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Anonymous said...

AWW. No, I won't slap you, I'll make you buy me a drink;-) Glad to hear your Dad's out of the hospital! I don't know the details of why he was there...but the good thing is that he's back home now!