Wednesday, March 4, 2009

A glimpse into the future?

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"Ok, so were weren't once dancers exactly...but I like this picture!"

Matt and I both hurt our backs...his is slightly more serious as a possible slipped disk whereas mine is from too much shoveling and dancing. Either way, we were both limping, bent over, heating pads, aches, moans, growls yesterday as we slid into position on the couch. As he turned the corner into the living room I had a flash forward to us in say 60 years? At least that gave us a good laugh. Remind me to pick up some prunes! As 31 rapidly approaches I realize we are only out of commission for a couple of days and have many years until being cane bound. Thank goodness for young and spry Auntie Erin living next door and Mammy to take on the little 32lb monster yesterday afternoon! Today is a bit better and I decided not to sit on the couch and feel bad for myself today, today I will go about the household chores loaded with Advil telling myself "I feel good, I feel great, I feel wonderful" "I said good morning, Gill" (movie line, anyone? Brian?) That oughtta do it!

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Anonymous said...

Parenthood..that's my that movie. Hope you are feeling better today! If not, down the advil with a shot of vodka, or make it fancy- a lemon drop...that'll make it better in no time!