Sunday, July 13, 2008

Remember this Guy?

If not and if you need a refresher on my woodchuck, gofer, groundhog situation here it goes. This thing has been torturing me and my garden for 2 years now. He remained allusive all last summer and only left his teeth/claw marks in my butternut squash. This year the garden was set up as rodent proof using screening and a new gate and I learned that these buggers can really dig. So I figured I'd dig deeper and bury some wood to keep him out. He must have been laughing out loud and he simply dug deeper and made his way in to my squash and green beans this year. I called on good ol' Carl (seen above) (a.k.a. Matt) to help with the gofer situation. He say's I sound just like one of his customers when I vent my frustration and he places a trap at the buggers latest entrance. And day 3.....CAUGHT red handed. And wouldn't you know that the thing is adorable and friendly and now I am feeling bad. I suck it up and Kyle and I released him to a new home, vastly wooded area with no known vegetable gardens to disrupt. I actually thought I was quite mean by ripping him from his home under my shed and taking his food supply away... Matt assures me that he'll dig a hole and call it home in no time. Maybe I should drop off some of my veggies as a parting gift?

P.S. Or I can bring him his mother that Loco trapped in my garden this AM! Now I know that they were double teaming me....and there could be more....O Lordy!

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