Saturday, February 6, 2010

So long, GiGi - (interesting timing too)

you were a good fish! GiGi almost lasted a year, Papa and Deeda got Kyle GiGi last year on Mother's Day and she's been a good fish! I was surprised actually that in a house with 2 hunting cats she lasted as long as she did and who would have thought her own plastic plant would be the culprit! *Note to self and fish owners alike, the plastic plants are a no no too daffy. GiGi got trapped under her plant and couldn't get out and as we know unless a fish can swim its gills don't work properly and therefore, meets its demise. I am actually sad to lose our fish but was VERY nervous about telling Ky and actually considered not telling him hoping he wouldn't notice her bowl missing. Especially since the conversation we had the other day.....

Matt and I were confronted with a tough question coming from a very smart 3 year old who wouldn't let us get away with simple answers to the question "how do people die, mama"? I was literally tripping over my words as Matt entered the room to help me double team the situation. I was asking him why he wanted to know wondering if he was referring to something he saw on TV or an animal dying and trying to figure out just how detailed my answer needed to be but he wasn't giving me anything to work with. He's been asking about death a lot lately but this is the 1st time he outright asked the question. It was a lot harder than I ever thought it would be trying to be honest without scaring him. I was at a total loss and failing miserably"well, uhh, errr, sometimes..., ugh" Matt jumped in and said "sometimes people have bad accidents and die but we don't want you to worry about that at all because we all still have a lot of living to do" Good answer Daddy! Feeewf. (list of potential accidents now includes getting trapped under the plastic plant you once swam around) He seemed to be satisfied with Daddy's answer and quickly moved on to asking us how he could be on the show America's Funniest H0me Videos.

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