Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Memory? Nope, don't look here

How is it that I have a son who's only 2 1/2 and when visiting a beautiful new baby today it seemed as though Kyle came out at 2 1/2? Is my memory really that terrible. Let me answer that 2 fold. 1. YES my memory really is that terrible. I am always scratching my head when someone says "Remember when?" Very rarely do I remember...I believe that the are stating the truth and that the memory they recall did actually take place, I however have no recollection. Even when sometimes that person gets into it and says "Ya know, we were with so and so and you were wearing such and such?" Nope, sorry, got me! It's awful. I think Kelley got 99% memory and I got 1%. She can remember a conversation we had when she was 3 for crying out loud! I will say that my short term is much better than my long term. Blocking things out maybe? Who knows. 2. Yes, so much does happen in the short time of 2 1/2 years, especially when it has to do with the growth of a child. That is for sure. That I know...I mean, I think I remember it to be... Anyway, Kyle stood next to baby Delaney today and my heart sank. 1st of all because she's a perfect little baby girl and 2nd because my little baby is not a baby anymore. I can't say that I got that twinge in my gut to have another, but I was certainly jolted with the hard cold reality of Kyle growing up. Doesn't need a burp anymore, doesn't reach for my face with wiggly arms, doesn't snuggle (often enough) anymore. For a kid born to two vertically challenged people, he looked like a Giant today! I found myself TRYING to remember what it was like when he was that tiny and I thank the good lord that I'm a psycho with a camera. I don't think I'd remember much if I didn't have an entire hard drive full of memories to keep me in the loop. Video too. I found myself trying to give advice to my friend with a newborn and questioned a lot. Did I do that when he was 6 weeks or 6 months? Did he eat cereal at 4 months or 6? When did he grown out of the swaddlers pampers, when did he grow out of the 0-3month onesies, when did he stop using the little bubba's? Did I give birth to this kid?????!!!
I'd assume most mother's find themselves in this moment from time to time and I'll guess it's not the last time I have to check the photo album to make sure time hasn't literally passed me by when he's taking the keys and running out the door. And I'll probably have to check back to this blog to remind myself that I felt this way today... Memory? Nope, don't look here!

Exhibit A

Exhibit B

Exhibit Adorable!

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Suzanne said...

FREAKY!!! The night you posted this I said to Bri, "Do you remember Evan as an infant, or a newborn getting up and doing night feedings" and we both could not and it was really creeping me out...so weird we would be thinking that at the same time.