Wednesday, August 12, 2009

My baby boy is 3!

Everyone warns a new mother to hang onto every moment with your new child because they certainly grow too fast....and you heed the warning soaking up every snuggle, kiss, hug and boo boo thinking to yourself "I'm not going to miss a beat". Then they turn 3 and all you can think is "where the hell has the past 3 years gone?" OK, in all fairness I have been blessed with a situation that has allowed me to spend all my time with Kyle since he was born and I am thankful to say that I have been with him for each milestone thus far, touching up the boo boo's, savoring the snuggles and helping him to learn and explore. The truth is that it still goes by very quickly and maybe it's that "time flies when you are having fun" or that life can really just pass you by. At any rate, I've enjoyed every moment thus far and look forward to the years to come. I can honestly say that at moments I can hardly remember what it was like to have a newborn and that at each and every stage of development so far I've claimed it to be the best. That said " this age is the best"! Kyle is a great kid. He's bright, he's great company, adorable, friendly, loving, a pest, a challange, a question box, a wise butt. He's my proudest accomplishment hands down and I love him dearly. Being a Mom, stay at home or otherwise is without a doubt the toughest job there is. The manual labor is what it is, but the emotional work far exceeds any position I've ever held with a company. Knowing that virtually every decision I make will affect him in one way or another can be a scary feeling and an empowering one at the same time. I've always found myself a bit out of place in life as far as "where do I belong" but being Kyle's Mom is by far the most comfortable place I've ever been and it just keeps getting better! We are sending Ky off to a couple mornings a week of pre-school this fall and my pro & cons list is 50/50 right down the middle! I'll miss the hell out of him even for those 8 hours a week, he'll be with a virtual stranger doing things without me, he'll be making friends and learning new things and won't need me to help him and wholly hell does that tug at the heartstrings, even as I write it. However, he'll be making new friends and learning new things, having fun and he won't need me to be there with him...and wholly hell that makes me proud.

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sara said...

You certainly belong as a mom, you are amazing!!!!!